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Several years of experience here, it's not quite what it's portrayed as on TV, but it's not far off either. Showering with your unit/floor/pod whatever its called in your .
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Video length 39 seconds Baby and pup have a barkin' good time playing with robotic dog. Now On Now on Decider. More Stories. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The penitentiary looked way too intense, with the surveillance cameras, steel bars, and metal detectors everywhere. They stopped at a steel gate that stretched across the corridor.

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It reminded Greg of that scene from the old television show Get Smart , or a scene from Mission Impossible , with the need for one gate to close before another one would open. The short guard used his radio to ask permission to pass. All inmates get processed through the penitentiary.

As he moved closer to the building, he read Receiving and Discharge and realized that prison vernacular differed from the world outside. He wondered what else he would have to learn. The guards unlocked his handcuffs. Then they led him to a holding cell, where he saw another man who was filling out forms.

The guard passed Greg a packet of forms and a miniature pencil. Then he locked Greg in the holding cell.

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Greg laughed. Greg used the bench as a writing surface and he began responding to the many questions on the intake forms that the guard provided. The questions requested information on:. The order startled Greg. He threw his shirt in the bin, his trousers, and his socks. He stood there, demoralized, in his boxers. The guard was making checks on a form he held with a clipboard as he inspected Greg. Greg lifted one foot off the ground, as if he was going to step onto a bus. When I say lift your feet, show me the bottom of your feet.

Greg cringed, but did as instructed, wondering why the guard would want to look up his sphincter.


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What size shoe do you wear? The guard tossed Greg a pair of blue canvas slip- ons and walked out. After dressing, Greg walked back toward the hallway outside of the room where he changed. Another guard saw him and led him back into the holding cell, which was empty. He wondered where they had taken Steve. While Greg waited alone in the room, different staff members came by to question him. First a nurse came by. She reviewed the paperwork he had completed. Then she escorted him to an examination room and proceeded to take some simple measurements, including his temperature, his blood pressure, and his pulse.

Following her examination, she locked him back in the holding tank. While he was locked in the room, a man came and introduced himself as Dr. Greer, a psychologist. Greg had to stand next to the door, but it was difficult to hear the questions. The psychologist concluded his assessment after a few questions, suggesting that if Greg required any counseling, he should submit a copout to his team. The psychologist kept walking, but spun around to yell back, waving. He sat back down on the bench, folded his arms across his chest, and waited. The fluorescent lights were bright, and the forced air blew cold.

He shivered in his white t-shirt. Two people wearing cheap suits stopped outside of the holding tank and looked inside, observing. Greg felt like an animal in a cage at the zoo. The two men talked among themselves, as if Greg were an inanimate object. Then they walked on. A uniformed guard stopped by and unlocked the door. Greg followed the man down the hall, and the large man squeezed through the door of a small office. He walked around a heavy metal desk and plopped into the chair.

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Greg thought about the question for a moment. The counselor looked at the forms that Greg had filled out. The counselor shrugged. The counselor read the pages, circling some lines. If you want other people to visit, send them a visiting form. They took him out to fingerprint him, to photograph him for a mug shot, to issue him an inmate identification card, and to ask whether he wanted to donate his personal property or have staff members mail it home at his own expense.

Greg chose to donate the property.

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At in the afternoon, a guard escorted him outside to a van. On the way out, the guard did not require him to wear handcuffs. Rather than ask for explanation on the inconsistency, Greg enjoyed the walk out of the penitentiary and into the open air.

After the two settled in, the guard drove the van toward a narrow perimeter road of the prison. A pair of high, chain-link fences capped by endless coils of razor wire circled the enormous penitentiary. In the back, Greg saw an open group of buildings. They were not enclosed with fences.